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Purrble only available in the UK and EU on RoboPets!


One of TIME Magazine's Best Inventions of 2021 ✨


Calm is closer than we think. For children, adults, and everyone in between, because we all need help finding calm sometimes.


The Purrble companion is a cuddly, interactive tool that helps you find calm in moments of stress, overwhelm, and other big emotions. Your companion’s heart races to show emotion. Hold and pet your companion to slow their heartbeat into a gentle purr. You’ll be surprised to find you’ve helped calm yourself in the process.


Emotion regulation is a determinant of lifelong success. Development of the Purrble companion began as a research inquiry: Could we improve children's emotion management skills through an experience, in addition to a curriculum?


The Purrble companion was born from a collaboration between Committee for Children, a global nonprofit and the creator of Second Step® social-emotional learning programs, and Sproutel™, a play-focused research and development studio.



●  Purrble companion

●  Live animals box

●  Activity card

●  Instruction material

●  2x AA batteries installed and ready to play



●  Dynamic heartbeat that shows emotion

●  Sensors that respond to touch & fidgeting

●  Gentle, soothing purr

●  Quiet language of sighs, giggles & grunts

●  Ultra-soft fur

●  Custom-dyed fabric: no two are alike


HOW PURRBLE COMPANION WORKS: When The Purrble companion is startled, their heart beats quickly and invites kids to calm them down. As kids pet and soothe their companion the vibrational heartbeat slows into a gentle purr. When kids calm their Purrble companion, they learn how to calm themselves.


A SPECIAL BOND STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BOX: Purrble is designed to be discovered by children, allowing them to build a special bond. Purrble arrives in a "live animal" box as a gift from Dr. Pita Treebury™ - a scientist who needs help taking care of the Purrble companions.  Enjoy as they discover their new cuddly companion.



Purrble®, the Purrble Logo™, the Purrble character designs™, Dr. Pita Treebury™, Committee for Children®, are trademarks of Committee for Children and may be registered in the U.S. and/or other countries and regions.

Sproutel™ is a trademark of Sproutel, Inc.

Purrble Companion

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