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One of TIME's Best Inventions of 2021

Calm is closer than we think


Meet the Purrble companion!

The Purrble companion is a cuddly, interactive tool that helps you find calm in moments of stress, overwhelm, and other big emotions.


Your companion’s heart races to show emotion. Hold and pet your companion to slow their heartbeat into a gentle purr. You’ll be surprised to find you’ve helped calm yourself in the process.

Why the Purrble Companion?

Emotion regulation is a determinant of lifelong success.


Development of the Purrble companion began as a research inquiry: Could we improve children's emotion management skills through an experience, in addition to a curriculum?

The Purrble companion was born from a collaboration between Committee for Children, a global nonprofit and the creator of Second Step® social-emotional learning programs, and Sproutel™, a play-focused research and development studio.


In a research study with 20 families,
19 families (95%) reported that the Purrble companion helped their child find calm when they needed to.


It hasn't even been a full 24 hours and Cameron is happily giving him a tour of our house and introducing him to his other stuffed animals.


I can already sense that he is exuding calm to keep his little furry friend calm.

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